Each data recovery repair is unique

Data recovery is differently than any other repair cases. Our goal is efficiency and we like to provide options in for each repair, sometimes the Androids won’t turn on with it’s own power other times a full repair is possible.   We like to provide warranties on repairs we believe in not something we think will fail shortly after. It really depends on the state of the damage. So devices with multiple issues will be declared No Fix and have to go the data recovery route.

Not every device will be restored, but if we can restore the device instead of data recovery we will notify you of the risks of each.

While we can’t guarantee the long term function of our data phones, if we can send you back a working phone then we will.  If you are really wanting data, send both phones the phone you want your data restored along with the failed phone or we will have to add a fee for the storage device.

UNENCRYPTED models running OS 5 & Under 500
Running OS 6 & Up 1,000
S20 & Note 10 & Up

You only pay if we retrieve your data. If not we only charge a 50 repair attempt fee