To Be Soldered Or No To Be Soldered?

Since most Macbook Pros, except for the A1425- 13-inch model have a I/O board on the right side as most are on the left. Problems can be a board malfunction, or the cable that attaches it. If this board is not working properly, you should contact us for this MacBook USB Repair. We provide all the help you need with USB Repair needs.

The USB Board of your MacBook usually gets damaged when you don’t plug in the devices properly. On the other hand, liquid damages can also get the internal parts to get destroyed. The left USB port is part of the logic board, so if there’s a problem with that port, we will have to investigate the same board-level issues as with older MacBook Pros.

Some of the Touch Bar MacBook Pros use modular USB-C ports, which are not soldered to the board. When one side isn’t working, it can sometimes be fixed as simple as replacing the specific port. But if the controller chip is the problem — it can be disastrous. Since the USB-C port is used for charging as well as normal functions of peripheral accessories, a USB port failure in this scenario would usually stop charging the Mac altogether. As a result, we will need to go ahead with a board level repair and not only a MacBook USB Repair.

USB Port Replacement

All USB Repairs | Replacement

75-150 on MacBook Airs | 99 & Up for all other MacBooks, prices will determine on time spent on device along with availability of parts.

DC In Board Repair


75-150 on MacBook Airs, depending on whether it’s a DC in board issue, cable issue, or both.


200-250 for the right I/O board depending on the model.