Oregon’s Mechanics lien law on personal property. A person who makes, alters, repairs or performs work or services of any nature and description upon, or in any way enhances the value of an article of personal property, at the request or with the consent of the owner, has a lien on such article, while lawfully in possession thereof, for his reasonable charges for the work done and materials furnished, and may retain possession thereof until such charges are paid. Our estimate is free for unopened deviced. If you have agreed to a repair service, after signing this document, your device will be returned once payment is issued. If payment is withheld, the machine will be kept by a Trilex Repair Group LLC. member until payment is issued. If payment is not issued within 75 days of notifying you that the repair is complete, the device will be recycled in accordance with our e-waste management contract or resold. If you are leaving your device for a free estimate, you do not owe us any money. However, if you do not pick up your device from 75 days from the date of the estimate, the device will be recycled.

Furthermore, while it is store policy to contact you upon completion of repair, it is your responsibility to check with us when repair is complete – “I don’t check my voicemail” or “my email went to spam” is not an acceptable excuse to get out of the 75 day rule. The clock on the 75 day rule starts from the moment we enter into our notes that an estimate has been given.


You are giving Trilex Fix Repair Group LLC. authority to fix your device. You agree not to touch anything during this warranty period to prevent damage or interference with repair which will void any warranty.


Repairing always has risks the moment anything has been opened up including a human body the risk factor of irreparably damage has increased, luckily we only fix devices and not human bodies so regardless of what happens most likely you will live. Unfortunately that can not always be said about your electronic device. Your device may be beyond our knowledge of repair or irreparably damaged during repair and a new paper weight. Circuit board components deteriorate over time and can fail without warning especially on liquid damage devices where components can short circuit, oxidize, corrode and rust over time.

Repairs on devices with glued-on screens such as iPads involve prying the screen to access internal components. Screens are very delicate and can crack or and it is possible to overheat parts of the screen while prying the screen. We are very experienced and the risk of screen breaking is minimal, but glass can break and risks do exist.

Touch id / Face id on apple devices may fail during repair and can be unusable but there are always ways around it.

On board graphics on laptops and AIO computers can fail without warning especially on older devices such as 2011 Macbooks/iMacs. HP, Dell, Toshiba, and other devices with known GPU problems of any year make and model.


The accepted payment methods are Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Venmo, Klarna. No other forms of payment are accepted, & we reserve the right to keep the equipment until payment or payment plan is made. For mail-in repairs, you will have the option to pay by following our ticket system, which you can pay by credit card or payment plan.


Repair estimates are just that they are an estimated price and can be subject to change, estimates are not definite but we do have a pretty good way of giving customers quotes upon diagnosis. If for any reason the price will have to exceed the initial estimate we do provide customers a call with hopefully new quote. We also like to ask customers about certain price caps so we are within a range of the repair price for our customers.


When a repair is complete and the customer has been contacted and we haven’t had any response or have a payment plan set in place or any plans of picking up the device we reserve the right to charge $1 per day after 30 days regardless of how big or small the device or part is. We recommend that some sort of effort is made on your part even sending us a letter to our P.O. Box is acceptable we just need some type of contact before we can start the 30 day clock. After the corrected time has allotted without contact we reserve the right to recycle the device and we can not guarantee that you will get the same exact device or date again.


We charge a repair attempt fee for in the event that we need to open up a device to diagnose it if the device does not need to be opened up diagnostics for the device is free. If repair is unsuccessful or and the device did have to go through rigorous testing then we will charge a repair attempt fee, this will include if device was previously worked on before it arrived at our shop. Repair attempt fees range from $40-$100 to cover the time spent working on your device.


We always do a brief overview overview of the device when it comes into our possession and try not to add more blemished or cosmetic injury, sometimes the device can be in such poor cosmetic condition and is impossible not to damage further by repairing it, we can also fix cosmetic defects or reorder parts but that will of course add to the bill. If you would like this done or providing a new shell to your current device please include it in the repair form.

Trilex Fix Repair Group LLC. is not responsible or warranted for any pre-existing defects or future defects arising. By signing this document, you accept the condition of the item in how it was received, & any defects or problems we declare are not caused by us. You acknowledge Trilex Fix Repair Group LLC. Is not responsible for any such problems or defects unless we specifically take responsibility for it prior to the repair.

We are also not responsible for any scratches, dents, clinks, dents, dings, etc. Most of the equipment we received has already been severely damaged. We have very strict procedures on how to handle the customer’s equipment, so its appearance is the same or better than when it was entered, but we must never be responsible for any perceived appearance problems.


In data recovery & data transfer operations, you are responsible for checking the data in the storage. Once you see your data on this drive, you agree to sign the disclaimer. You agree that we are not responsible for any data on your device during the services we provide. By having us work on your device you agree that the hard disk drive is a volatile mechanical storage medium that may fail at any time. The second point is that any hard drive failure cannot be attributed to Trilex Fix Repair Group LLC., & we are not responsible for any hard disk drive, solid state drive, solid state hybrid drive or flash memory failure on any machine we own. For data recovery, if you disagree with the estimate, we will not be sending the data back to the customer.


We WILL NOT return a device mid repair unless we have had your device for exactly 60 days or we have not made significant progress on repairing your device within a few weeks. We do try our best to fix but in our known reality not everything can be fixed and all things have an expiration date. A customer may also ask for their device back because they have found a better price somewhere else or they need it back for whatever reason. We will not return a device until the repair is completed or we have had a certain number of failed repair attempts. The only exception to this rule is if the customer is willing to pay for the cost of that specific device as if it was working. Aside from that we do have a tracking system on our website where you can view the repair progress or parts that are being ordered.


We are a repair shop, we are not going to provide IT or technical support for your devices. That being said if the product you are using is having issues is related to the repair please bring it back to us so we can fix the issue if it covered under warranty. We can help with small issues such as a password lock on a operating system we installed or something simple that can be solved in a few sentences. We do our best to help but within reason, for larger concerns please ask if we can help with that issue and if we are not qualified for that type of support we are confident that we can at least steer you in the right direct to get your issue fixed even if it is with a company that we trust.


We do our best to have all of the latest tools, technical equipment for modern video games that will help us in the repair. For our retro gaming devices that are 10 years old or older we may ask that you bring everything such as cables, games, controllers etc. that we may use for testing. If you are unsure if you would need to bring anything additional please feel free to give us a call or leave a message on our site.


The fact is we don’t live in a perfect world and lost packages rarely happen but they still happen. We do include in the Mail – In form that we only accept packages to our P.O. Box. We are not responsible to packages sent to the wrong address such as our store address. We can provide insurance for when mailing your device back but we are not a shipping service so we can not make any guarantees after it leaves our hands but we do package everything in a professional manner as to prevent future damage to the device. After it leaves our hands we can’t have any responsibility of the package the only service we can offer is help with an insurance claim if needed but that is extent of our service. The only exception to this is if we are willingly picking up or dropping off your device from a team member of our company.

Shipping instructions are provided in the Mail In form upon completion. When an order is placed, the order amount also MUST be equal to or greater than that of the shipping amount. If the repair amount is less than the shipping amount, the order may be cancelled and customer will be notified of cancellation. If you have questions please ask.


If you are sending in an accessory such as a gaming controller, headphones, musical equipment, televisions or anything that is clearly outside the normal repairs we specialize in we can not guarantee that we will repair it or even attempt to repair it. If something falls into this category we strongly advice that you contact us in order to see that we will be willing to repair it. As of right now the only controllers we are willing to repair is the Nintendo switch removable joy cons with stick drift since it is modular and cost effective but controller that will need soldering new joysticks will be a minimum of $75.


The limited service warranty is 90 days for LCD screen replacements, hard disk, memory replacements and 30 days for everything else. The warranty will be invalid if it is caused by physical damage, negligence or liquid damage to the equipment after the repair was completed. The warranty is only for the specific parts we replaced, not for any other problems or unrelated parts on the device. We do not warranty any future problems with other functions on the device such as previous shocks, structural defects or quality of craftmanship from manufacturer. We only provide warranty services-not full refunds if for some reason the item is within warranty and we still cannot fix the issue we offer a partial refund.


If your device is physically altered or tampered with our Limited Warranty is void. This will include but is not limited to cracked screens, internal damage not present at time of original repair, modify the device, attempts to open, using non original charging cables to charge your device, or any other action, accidental or intentional, that could cause our repair to fail.
We also have a ZERO tolerance policy for scammers, for example if you came in for a screen replacement on a phone and then we provide the repair. (We make a note of all the serial numbers used on parts.) We then see a different serial number not noted on our customer log, we will then cancel the repair and return you with your device and parts along with screws and fasteners in a bag. We will NOT continue the repair and you will have a lifetime ban from Trilex Fix.


  • Any service using parts not purchased through Trilex Fix
  • Any software issues, including virus removal, Operating System Installation
  • New symptoms/issues not directly tied to the original service within the 60 day guarantee period
  • Installing new hardware or modifying existing hardware in the 60 day guarantee period voids the Trilex Fix warranty


The warranty does not cover equipment that breaks again. By signing this document, you accept the following. * The screen will not break on its own. The screen only breaks when it receives a physical shock. * You are responsible for inspecting the equipment prior to receiving it to ensure It was not returned broken * There must be at least four (4) dead pixels on the LCD to get a warranty replacement.


A minimum deposit of 50% is required on non-shelved or special-order parts and it is non-refundable. We ask for deposits in the event that the customer would like to hold on to their broken device until the part arrives.

Deposits on shelved parts are non-refundable after 14 days.


If the repair price exceeds the originally approved price-the customer can opt out of the repair & choose to take back the equipment without paying for the repair. However, if the approved repairs have been completed and the work/parts/time has been invested in these repairs, Trilex Fix Repair Group LLC. reserves the right to modify or process any parts during such repairs. For example: if a ticket has an approved estimate for logic board repair, then the battery, keyboard, & screen are eventually needed, & only the motherboard repair is approved-the customer can choose not to repair & pay no fees, but Trilex Fix Repair Group LLC. The repaired logic board may be retained.


We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer!!! We always try our best to main a respectable atmosphere here at Trilex Fix. We know that things can be frustrating as life is always about fixing issues everyday. In the event a customer is rude or hysterical and is not maintaining a friendly atmosphere we do our best to maintain composure as not to take anything personal. Please ask for management in these cases, if a customer is still maintaining a disrespectful behavior we will warn the customer to maintain respect and if possible ask them to call us back once they are able to calm down. If disrespect is still given we also reserve the right to end the call or if this altercation is happening in person we will provide warnings. In the event this is about a device that is in mid repair and the customer is still having altercations with the team. We will then ask them to pay for the repair on the website and we will mail them back their device regardless if they are local. Shipping fees will also be added to the repair cost at checkout. So play nice!


Taking into account the relative risks & benefits of the project to the client & the consultant, the distribution of risk allows the client to agree to limit any liability of the consultant to the client all claims, losses, expenses, damages of any nature whatsoever or claims expenses from any cause or causes, including attorneys’ fees, costs along with expert witness fees & costs, , Unless otherwise prohibited by law, this limitation is intended to apply to any & all causes of liability or litigation, so that the total aggregate liability of the Consultant to the Client shall not exceed the Consultant’s total fee for services rendered on this project.