Is Your Life On Your MacBook?

Did you accidentally delete anything on your MacBook? Then we are here to help you with our MacBook data recovery services. We are great at bringing back memories of families and adventures you have taken along with sensitive data for your business or your personal records. Our team knows  the intense regret of looking at your dead MacBook and realizing that you didn’t back up any of your data. We are here to help you as we take pride in our work and do everything to get your sensitive and irreplaceable data back at a fraction of the cost that Apple will tell you it will cost.

Services We Can perform

⊆ Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

⊆ Liquid Damaged MacBooks

⊆Bypassing For Damaged Machines

⊆Irreparable Damage Recovery

⊆Soldered On SSD’s

⊆ Desktop Hard Drives

⊆Operating System Installs

⊆Installing OS Patches on older machines

Our Prices On Data Recovery

Given the price without seeing the equipment and assess its condition isn’t possible as there are so many factors at play, our recommendation is sending it to us for diagnostics. Please note that we will need to open drives before recovery

Standard Data Recovery On MacBooks:

Starts at 500 for non functioning devices

If there is a need to move the Nand Chips from your MacBook, we will ask for an upfront payment for it.

The average queue time is 4 weeks ~

Rush Delivery For Data Recovery—data path: $100 non-refundable expedited fee plus recovery rates.

Your data will be viewed during this process, when data is extracted it will be moved into a usable folder and delivered on a USB drive: This service includes a 64GB USB.

Larger drives are available at an additional cost. See Pricing

You are also welcome to bring us another MacBook for us to move the data onto (we will not organize your data). We encourage you to wipe off all personal data in your MacBook, so that we can proceed with the wipe off effectively.

Hard Drives

100 for basic data retrieval, 250-575 for firmware repair, 1000-1500 for heads swap for more info Click Here


300-1500 depending on the extent of damage


300-2000 depending on the extent of damage

If you want to learn more about our repairs, feel free to take a look at our YouTube Channel.