I’m not local & need you to fix something for me: how does this work?

You can send us the device, we will find out the problem with it, repair it, and then send it back to you. We have |achieved great success in meeting the needs of customers outside of our local area. Sometimes, no local store can repair your device for less than 90% of the cost of a new device.

How does this work? Do I pay for the service first, or call you, or something?

You can write your order number on a piece of paper & put it in the package to be even more safe you can also write your order # on the side of the box.

What if I have no idea what is wrong with it & just want us to diagnose it?

You can always send in your machine & after checking it out with our free estimate service. This means we will figure out what is wrong with your device for free, & provide options. You will receive an email notification with a ticket once your device is checked into our system.

So you will figure out what is wrong for free?

Yes! The only fees you would incur would be paying to transport the laptop to us & return shipping if repair is not done by us.

How much is return shipping to get my device back to me?

We provide a free return service for your device, so if you complete the service, we will send it back to you free of charge. If you refuse to repair the equipment, the return shipping fee for all equipment that we do not repair is a minimum of $20. Free shipping only applies to the equipment we repair. For larger and heavier equipment, additional shipping may be required, also insurance can also be purchased if you clearly specify it we don’t insure unless shipping includes it.

Where do I send my device to?

We accept mail-ins at our store location.

The address is as follows.

Trílex Fix
P.O. Box 461
Eugene OR 97440-0468

How do I pay?

We recommend that rather than pre-paying for a repair, you send it to us to have an estimate done, & then pay when the repair is done. We will send you an invoice that you can pay via credit card or PayPal.

I want you to ship my laptop to a different address than the address I specify when I pay my invoice at the end of the repair.

We recommend that you do not pay for the repair in advance, but send it to us for estimate, then you can pay after the repair has completed. We will send you an invoice to pay.

What if you want us to ship the device to an address that is different from the address specified when I paid the invoice at the end of the repair?

We don’t do that because that looks very fishy & risky to us. If you do not wish us to ship to a specific address, then please do not specify that address in your payment to us. We ship all repairs and parts to the addresses specified.

Do I need to send a charger?

We carry all the types of laptop charger, however for certain gaming systems we do ask for a charger & possibly a controller. Please message us before sending those.

How long does a repair take?

It really depends on what is being done. Most screen repairs are completed on the same day. The same is true for keyboards & touchpads. Data recovery may take a day to a month, & a motherboard repair may take an hour to six weeks, depending on the severity of the problem. For your specific situation, please feel free to email or call us to inquire about the turnaround time.