We provide a better option than replacing the entire logic board and loosing your data.

We will repair your existing MacBook logic board for a flat rate of 250-425. You only pay after the repair is complete, guaranteed!

Come to our store for repair, or mail your MacBook to us if you’re outside Eugene OR.

Mostly all Logic board problems are caused by physical damage, aging, overheating, & liquid spills. Logic board problems can usually be completely fixed with our expert knowledge along with the tools we use.

Here are logic board issues that we fix.

  • MacBook does not turn on.
  • The device doesn’t stay on long.
  • MacBook does not take a charge.
  • It does not run off of battery, but only work from the power adapter.
  • LCD has no backlight, but has an image.
  • Computer has a mind of its own.
  • It runs insanely slow.
  • Fans are running fast & loud all the time.

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We do what many repair shops don’t as most shops swap out your logic board with another one, & refund you if they can’t find one for less than you paid.

What we offer!

You get you a permanent fix for all your logic board issues.

We provide a 30-day warranty & usually help anyone free of charge for small repairs & fixes if they are inclined to learn a little on their own. Our specialists do the best to make sure that the work can be sustained long term.

You can walk into our store and handover your device. Or else, you can ship it to us from anywhere in the world.

We will provide service options to you regardless of where you are at. Yes that means worldwide: You can send us your MacBook at any time, if you are in Eugene, OR or you can come to our store: no appointment needed

We warranty all our work except cleanings.

If the logic board fails and it’s something other than liquid spill or physical damage after the laptop after it has left our store. We provide you with a 30 day warranty & fix the it again for free if the repair you had is related and has not been misused.

Sending only the Logic Board

We cannot provide a warranty to board only repairs. Mostly every time customer have to send the board twice, Your best bet is to send the entire machine in order to test everything right.

No 2011 GPUs, no machines older than late 2008

The GPU problem of the 2011 MacBook Pro will never be permanently solved because of the lack of a good chipset. We won’t repair these. Some parts are no longer available, and some parts are not economically viable. Before sending, please feel free to consult us to determine if we can help you.

Top Reasons To Have Your Repairs Done By Us

  •  We stock most of our parts, so that means that you save time.
  • We have studied with the best in New York
  • Our pricing is fair.
  • We use grade A+ parts.
  • We repair logic board component level issues.

If you want to learn more about our repairs, feel free to take a look at our YouTube Channel.