What if I had prior repair work done?

If you are sending us something disassembled or partially disassembled please contact us first before sending in the device.

If you send in a logic/mother board or hard drive that has been worked before, please contact us first. If you are a computer repair shop or you have worked on it yourself before sending it, contact us in advanced higher than normal fees may apply when repairing a device that with a prior repair attempt.

How can I pay?

After the repair is complete we will send an invoice & any fees that may apply (We never charge a fee for return shipping after repair was made!)

Mail-in repairs can be paid via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Money Order, or Venmo (We don’t accept checks at this time.)

If the cost of the repair is not posted in one of the pages of this site then please feel free to to call, email, text or send us live chat or facebook message. Knowing the make, model number & year of your machine is helpful in giving you a quote.

When will it be fixed?

This is a case by case answer, screen assemblies, keyboards & touchpads are normally completed on the same day. Data recovery may take a day to a several weeks, & motherboard repair may take 20 minutes to a several weeks, depending on the severity of the problem & damage.

Please feel contact us to for a turn around time.

Anything you won’t fix?

There are some devices we won’t fix since they might be harder to find parts if they are older than 15 years & other reasons. Please feel free to contact us to ensure that your issue is fixable before sending it in if you are unsure.

On the off-chance the repair outweighs the cost of the device we won’t advice a repair unless requested to proceed.

What if I can’t find a box to ship it in?

We can also send you a box to ship your device & provide a shipping label for you. To make things easier we can also arrange a USPS pickup if needed or you hand it to your courier during another delivery. We will receive the item in 1-3 days with the priority mail option being our go to.

Shipping notes: USPS offers the most affordable rates, for Macbook’s we suggest using the Medium Flat Rate Boxes.

Is there anything else I need to know?

We sadly cannot service 2011 Macbook Pros for graphics issues.
We only service 2012 retina machines with 650 Nvidia graphics for kernel panicing/blank screen & 2010 15″ machines with 330GT graphics for kernel panics. However we don’t service 2011 Macbook Pros with AMD graphics with board number 820-2915 or 820-2914. Please contact us if you need us to specify.

We are not held responsible if iMacs are damaged in shipping.
We have notified iMac owners over the phone that there is a potential for shipping damage in iMac machines. We want to be very clear because of the high amounts of iMacs damaged in transit, we take no responsibility for shipping damage on iMacs. I would suggest to bring those in person or we could schedule a house call if you are local.

Sadly as in everything in life not every single thing can be fixed even though we wish everything could but, sometimes it’s the end & it’s time for acceptance where we have to learn to move on. We promise we will do our absolute best in getting your problem fixed but hopefully that doesn’t have to happen for you but in the slim chance that it does. We still hope you still enjoy effort & service that we provide here @ Trílex Fix.

What if I want express service?

If you want it shipped express, mark the OUTSIDE of your package “RUSH”

* $50 for straightforward repairs (Connectors, Backlights,) for same day service (business days only–not always available).
* $100 RUSH for data recovery

What happens after I mailed device?

We will match your device to your mail-in-request & create a ticket. Once your device is entered in the system, you will receive a phone call, text updates or e-mail updates.

* Once everything has been tested & working, you will receive an e-mailed invoice. You can pay via credit card through our website using the link in your invoice email. Once payment is complete, the device will be shipped back to you, we will default to the shipping address on your paper info sheet unless specified, & a tracking number will be provided.

* If your device is NO FIX, then you will receive an invoice for return shipping (if you want the device returned). No charges will be given for recycling your broken device. A $40 reassembly fee will be applied for devices with complex tear downs & reassembly.

Do you offer business-to-business wholesale discounts?

We do. Send an email to tonytrilex@gmail.com for more information.

How do I send in my device for repair?

If your specific problem is not listed on our site with a price attached to it please email us or call us ↑ & then Just follow the mail-in instructions.

Do I need to pay in advance?

We will send you an invoice with an option to pay by credit card via email once your repair is completed. If we can’t solve your primary problem, then you will pay return shipping & our 40 minimum reassembly fee for complex tear downs might apply.

What is the turnaround time?

Straightforward repairs—connectors, simple backlight jobs, screen replacements, etc. 3-5 business days.
Complex repairs – depending on the complexity & our queue can take 1-6 weeks.
Data recovery ~6 weeks. Rush data- immediate attention, generally updated within 2 weeks.

What if the device ends up having something else wrong with it?

If you device turns out to have an underlying secondary defect, then we will give you some options to add on a secondary repair, or receive the device back with just the primary problem fixed. For example, if you turned in a water damaged Macbook & once we got the logic board to turn on we noticed your screen also was damaged & had water inside it we would charge you for the initial repair & negotiate a price for the secondary repair if you wanted us to also work on it but the initial price quote on our site would only cover one specific repair this one would fall under 2 repairs.

Will you be responsible for maintaining my eligibility for Out of Warranty Swap at Apple for iPhones for US customers?

Yes. If we accept your device for repair & it would have been eligible for OOW swap, but you choose to send it to us instead of simply going to Apple & paying the Out of Warranty Swap fee (see Apple Support for those prices), then we will return it in a condition that will allow it to still be eligible for Out of Warranty Swap by Apple. If you receive your device back from us as unfixable, & the device is now deemed ineligible for Apple OOW Swap, then you can send it to us with the Swap fee and we will swap the device for you and send you your new phone as part of our customer service.

How does your data recovery service work?

We can not make guarantees that the phone itself will work ever again, although we do attempt to extract the data from the phone by repairing the logic board hardware. If we can get your data, we will send you back your device which may or may not be functional unless you agree to recycle it. A copy of your data will either be given on a USB drive or uploaded privately on Google Drive & stored with us for a minimum 30 days.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

We offer a warranty of 30 to 90 days warranties on our repairs. We need to be mindful of the warranties given because some products have more structural defects than other such as the high failure rate for HP laptops as an example. If you we work hard on the issue & notice that the product is still not repairable. We won’t charge you for the repair attempt & waive the repair attempt fee. We want to make happy customers not add to the frustration of not having you electronics continue to fail.


We only send out repairs that we take pride in, & have a very low warranty rate. Every now & then, something needs to be adjusted. If your repair is not working in your hands, we are happy to take a look at it and see what we can do to fix it. If there is a warranty issue we will ask that you pay for shipping the item to us. After we confirm that it is covered by warranty we pay for the shipping price you spent getting it back to us along with the return shipping back. We don’t want to have you pay for it not working how it should.

I'm nervous about sending my phone to you, how do I know that you will return it & not remove working parts in it.

We have a very solid reputation in the repair community. Check out our google reviews, repeat negative reviews are normally by the same person & we describe in a polite way how to solve the customer’s grievance. We also encourage you to watch


our Youtube Channel