Here is the information we can extract

⊆ Laptop Hard Drives
⊆ Liquid Damaged iPhones
⊆ Physically Damaged USB Flash Drives
⊆ SD & microSD cards
⊆ WD MyPassport
⊆ Desktop Hard Drives
⊆ External Hard Drives
⊆ USB Hard Drives
⊆ RAID configurations
⊆ SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS, SSD Hard Drives

Our Prices

Given the price without seeing the equipment and assess its condition isn’t possible as there are so many factors at play, our recommendation is sending it to us for diagnostics. Please note that drives that have been opened before can rarely be recovered by us: mention this before sending, because we rarely deal with pre-processed drives.

Hard drives

100 for basic data retrieval, 250-575 for firmware repair, 1000-1500 for heads swap.

SDcards/microSD cards

200 for basic data recovery, 900 for breakout board data recovery


300-650 for drop or liquid damage. 400+ for any damage inflicted by inept repair technicians (long screw) that is above & beyond terrible.


300-1500 depending on the damage


300-2000 depending on the damage