We recover data from most iPhones regardless of the damage.

If your iPhone is damaged by liquid, moisture, or suddenly crashes, we can retrieve your data.

Here’s the list!!

1. You send us the phone or bring it in store
2. We email or print you up a ticket
3. When finished we retrieve your data to a USB flashdrive.
4. Once we are all done we will ship back your phone or you can pick it up.

Are you outside Eugene? No need to worry! You can use our mail-in instructions to mail your mobile phone to us with your password. We can provide you with the data on a flash drive, or you can provide us one if you would like.

We can retrieve your data at a reasonable price.

Data recovery starts at 300 & at most can be 450. For iPhone X/XS/XR, they start at 450 & can go on up to 650 because they are much more complicated than the older iPhone models. We use the same technology as our component-level logic board repairs to retrieve data from your iPhone, from running jumpers to replacing burned components. You only pay after we get your data: if not, you will pay a 25 reassembly fee unless you would like us to recycle it.

We treat the logic board of your phone correctly.

Your iPhone logic board consists of electronic components covered by shields. If your iPhone is damaged by liquid, most shops try to clean the phone, but many technicians don’t know how to remove the protective coverings. Some companies even recommend drying your phone which will make things even worse than before because now the crud will be caked on and could be under the chips which will make cleaning it much harder.

Think about cleaning the motherboard of a phone without de-soldering its protective cover, it’s similar to taking a shower in your clothes. If you have clothes on your body, how does the shower clean your skin?
Blowing drying your phone is as ridiculous as blowing dry your dishes to clean it after eating. It just isn’t a good solution.

We address this problem first before any other component-level repairs are made on the logic board by using an ultrasonic cleaning method in order to remove corrosion on the entire logic board. After removing the corrosion, we perform micro soldering if it is needed & replace bad components. We may also need to run a jumper wire to restore the data path if a path is severed. This is the only correct way to recover data from a liquid-damaged phone! If you do not remove the protective shield, the corrosion & damage under the shield will not be fixed & your data will continue to be lost.