Reasons to appreciate the repair artist

⊆ We work in a physical workshop location.
⊆ We will repair your cracked screen as you watch.
⊆ We offer a 1 year limited warranty
⊆ Most Screen repairs in 15 to 20 minutes!!!

We NEVER use low end screens!

Many repair shops use the cheapest screens & digitizers in order to maximize profit. These screens are usually pretty terrible. We buy the best screens because we believe in giving our customers quality & minimize headaches of unhappy customers. We only use OEM refurbished screens & soft OLED screens.!!!

Our screen assemblies are of the highest quality available.

Since we beliving in giving customers the best experience we only use OEM refurbs on all of our screen assemblies. We know that other screens do exist such as aftermarket but since aftermarker screens have given us so much issues in the past such as a boot looping phone, ghost touch and/or poor screen quality & feel we have removed them from our stock & only stock the best quliaty possible which includes OEM refurbished screens & soft OLED screens. If you want to bring us your own screen you are welcome to do at a reduced cost but we can not offer a warranty for the screen replacement.