Issue Details (PLEASE BE VERY DETAILED as it will help us with the repair)

Amount pre-approved(if any)

Brand/Model Number/year of device(if known, leave blank if unsure)

I Want Rush Service (Additional $50 for laptops, $100 for HDD/SSD/SD Cards etc)

“What is Pre-Approved Amount?”

What is the use of the box?
If you are willing to spend a certain amount of money for repairs or had a quote from another well established shop, you can bypass our customer service staff to pre-approve the amount to get faster service. If your pre-approved amount is ultimately equal to or greater than your repair cost, the technician performing the preliminary assessment will perform the repair immediately without waiting for staff to call/email you the estimate. If you are in a hurry, this is okay save time.

For example: if you have an A1398 Macbook Pro without image. It can be one of three things.
a) Screen replacement: $500
b) Motherboard repair: $325
c) Screen cable replacement: $150

If you put up to $175 in your approved box, we will repair the device as soon as we receive it, but if a higher price is needed, we will call you for your approval first. This saves us from having you to wait for a team member to contact you to make an estimate, thus saving everyone time.

Pre-approval does not mean that you pay before the work is completed! You only need to pay after we finish the work.