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Nintendo Switch Lite USB C Port Repair

What is the issue?

This customer sent in their Nintendo Switch Lite to our store in Eugene, OR that came in because the USB-C port is damaged

What was causing the issue?

The first step in trying to resolve the issue is a visual inspection, we then saw all the pins smashed in which is clearly a damaged port and needs another one which hopefully will solve the issue.

How do we fix the issue?

We then remove the broken USB-C port using low melt solder on both the top and use a micro soldering pencil for the inside pins apply max heat max air in order to remove the port swiftly, we then clean up the excess solder with a solder wick in order to make things ready for a new port. Before adding the new port we prep the port by lifting up and tinning the inside pins along with the main pins. Then we plant it on using heat and after we continue with applying kester 60/40 and drag soldering the rest of the pins. Then we finish by applying solder on the ground pins. We check everything with a multimeter to see that we don’t have bridging connect the board to a battery an amp meter to test. After that we connect the entire device together and test the USB-C port on both sides finishing up the repair.

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